Friday, 30 September 2016

I sent a sms

I did it for my own peace of mind. 
In Aleppo forces of pure evil rage now and it seems pretty hopeless. And we must not forget those who are left there.

You too can help. Unicef has a campain to help children in Syria. 
If you live in Finland you can send a sms: text UNICEF and send it to number 16499. It costs 10 euros.  Kiitos. Tack. Thank you.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

I am a spoiled soul

I have said it before, I'll say it again. I am very spoiled and I feel so grateful.
You all know how my heart flickers a little extra for old and rusty things. I have a small collection of rusty items.

 I received this wonderful sewingmachine from dear Sanne, my neighbour and friend.
Tack finaste Sanne! 

Wishing you all a wonderful thursday!

Sunday, 25 September 2016

The shed(s) and sleeping in a dream

The shed is finally ready!
We finished laying the bitumen roof  yesterday, and now it is ready!

The paint is linseed oil paint that an acquintance, when she was moving away from town, was about to throw away! I like the grey shade, goes well with my facade.
It is built according to the existing door that I found in the garden. The bitumen roof are pieces left over from my friends roof renovation this summer. I am very pleased!

The project "moving an existing shed" has also taken a huuuuge leap, as the shed was moved on friday! Hoooooray! It now stands in my garden. Missing its tin roof! That is a project for next week. The roof is now covered with tarpaulin. After my danceclass this afternoon I painted the doors. I think it needs another layer of paint tomorrow.

Last night we (me and L) hung a beautiful canopy above my bed. When L testlay on the bed, his verdict was: it is like a dream. 
Last night I slept in a dream. I am so happy.

I met up with my friends Sanni and Bill at Tuhannen tuskan kahvila in the morning. They have bought a house in a nearby village and I wish to introduce them to my favorite places.

Wishing you a lovely sunday evening!
I shall soon retire to the dream and read.

Love. Love. Love.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Apple, apples and even more apples

It's the time of year when we are blessed with a huge apple harvest.
So, last week my friend Natalia posted a short clip of her new apple peeler. I decided there and then that I will never ever again peel apples by hand! I've spent endless hours peeling apples. So I closed my eyes, made a wish, spit three times on the ground, crossed my fingers and repeated the wish backwards, then walked three steps to my left, and repeated the wish in finnish, swedish, english and in french. I just wanted to make sure, you know. Then I had to tell someone. So I told Taisto. Taisto is married to Leena. Leena is the magical power at Tuhannen Tuskan kahvila. I now know that Aino Sibelius (wife of composer Jean) had an apple peeler. Made of cast iron. This information was shared with me in the garden of Tuhannen tuskan kahvila. 

And guess what! The wish came true! I now have my own apple peeler. I and my darling L peeled lots of apples yesterday. We made apple jam. My darling L loves applejam in his porridge. We shall peel even more apples and make more jam. One wants to make darling happy happy happy in the morning, so applejam there shall be. And hoooray for the apple peeler!

There was a challenge on fb for old photographs. I found this picture of me. Spot the missing teeth...

Monday, 19 September 2016

The week of ailments

Or as we say in swedish, krämpor!
I had one of those weeks that one can laugh about once the week is over and out! It is now.
Still, it didn't get me down. I can honestly say we had a wonderful week despite following:
Last saturday, a week ago. I attended an event as avec with my darling. We had a few drinks and then as many of the other guests decided to have a drink in a restaurant nearby, we decided to join. Well, as soon as I entered, one of the guests fell right on top of my foot, causing a broken little toe. There's nothing one can do, it passes eventually. But at the moment I cannot wear shoes, I am doomed to wear only sandals and trainers. Looks fab with socks! Otherwise I can live normally, I get loads of superwoman-points at my danceclass, hih!

We started building a little shed for wood. It is fun, it turned out just the way I had planned. It is only missing its' bitumen roof. Painted and ready for wood! And again, built according to an excisting door. I found the door in the garden, under a lot of rubbish. I cleaned and dried it and it is just perfect. It has rusty hinges, and I managed to find rusty screws for attaching it to the shed.
 I'll show you a picture of the shed once the roof is ready, we are building it this week. I offer a pic of the wreath I made on saturday.

I also managed to catch a tough flu on wednesday, causing me to stay at home on thursday as I had fever when I woke up. We had to skip badminton, which is a real pity as it is one of the highlights of the week.  I drank plenty of tea with fresh ginger, lemon and honey. On friday I was all fine again and was able to go to work. I only had a few lessons in the morning, so met up my friends Oona and Jarna at our favorite café, Tuhannen tuskan kahvila. We sat for a few hours in the garden in the sun and chatted away, sometimes we just listened to the snoring dog, Vappu, and watched a tiny little mouse skip and hop across the garden.

L and me continued work on the shed in the afternoon and it was ready to be painted in the evening.
On saturday my dear friends Jarna and Oona came by and handed a basket filled with fungus, kanttarel and trattkanttarell. In the evening I made a creamy sauce with fungus and onion, cooked salmon in the oven with only butter. A glass of red and voilá, we had a fab delicious dinner! We had so much fungus I baked a pie the next day. We had a guest for lunch on sunday, he is from Afghanistan, and it was the first time he ate fungus. What a brave young man. To try new dishes and tastes. I did tell him I would not feel offened if he decided not to finish his pie. We find fungus delicious, but for someone who is not familiar with fungus, well, not to everyone's taste so to speak.
Kiitos ihanat sienistä! 

On saturday, while my neighbours Nina and Peik came to visit with their friend Kjell (who was in town to lecture about the Panama paper leak), I suddenly felt I had something in my eye. After a few hours my eye was all red and the following morning I looked like I had had a fight with worldchampion boxer Eva Wahlström! Oh my! With plenty of chamomille-tea that I cleaned my eye with (yes, it is the perfect natural medicament for anything infected), I managed to look fairly respectable later the same day when I attened my danceclass and in the evening when me and L went to the movies. We were invited to see a finnish film called Teit Meistä Kauniin, a film about the start of a finnish punkband called Apulanta in the beginning of the 90´s. What made this evening a little special was that the movie was not supposed to air at our local theatre, but we have a wonderful filmtheatre entrepreneur, he will show films upon request if there is a minimum of 20 (or 15?) tickets sold. Well, last night the theatre was full! There was a red carpet, oh yes, all guests were photographed and some even interviewd (me included) and the filmmakers opened the film! Before there was a local band that played covers of Apulanta. I love these sort of fun events, and as frequent moviegoers, we emmediately decieed to attend. 

When I came home after the film I fell asleep and thought, ah bless, the week was filled with ailments and plenty of wonderful. 
So, if anyone had the impression my life is filled with only fairy shimmering and glitter, I can tell you, weeks like these make sure you feel blessed and at the same time stay grounded. I managed to get hold of my doctor by phone this morning, and within a few minutes, I had a prescription for eyedrops at the pharmacy. Now I shall conquer my first time ever eye-infection!

Here is my consolationsong. Break your heart by Natalie Merchant.

Stay blessed, love and love even more.

Of course the vintage door to the little shed for wood needed a sign and a wreath. 

Thursday, 15 September 2016

There are numerous ways you can help, please do!

There are far too many cruel and horrible wars going on. You can help by donating to the red cross. Here is how you do it in Finland. I donated 30 euros, you can too! There are smaller and bigger sums to choose from, even a few euros makes a difference. Thank you! Kiitos! Tack!

The nature also needs taking care of. We all know how rare bees are, so I chose to adopt a bee swarm. You too can help our little pollinators. Contact a local beekeeper and ask for further details.
I think it is a fantastic deal, I even recieve many jars of honey each year as thanks.

Let's all make a little effort to make this world a tiny bit better by giving and sharing. 
And spread love!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016


....gently took my hand, whispered, follow me. I did.
The rays of the sun plays beautifully through the dirty windows, I just never had time to clean them.
The livingroom has a new kind of light. I think about the new corners and nooks that this house offers. For warm lazy naps in the sun. Muru loves this house.
I have also come to love this house. And September has been very kind to me.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Friday, friday!

Once again a busy week. And once again only good things.

I was sent a link to a lovely blogg called Life with Anna.
Here is how wonderfully she has written about her visit to my home during the historic houses -event. I feel very privileged to live my dream.

Picture credit Life with Anna.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Monday, 5 September 2016

On juggling matters

I am juggling a few projects, one of them beeing moving an existing shed to my garden. There is no shed at all in my garden. The estate where my house stands, has previously been split into two smaller estates and all the sheds and garage are located in my neighbor's yard. I need a shed for storing gardenfurniture, tools and my bicycles.
As I live in the centre of town I need a building permit. I applied for it in the spring and was granted the permission before midsummer. I have been busy with other matters, I have not had time to start until some weeks ago.
We first had to cut down a huge lilac. And move a large mock-orange bush, that will hopefully be happy in its new surrounding. The roots to the lilac were so large I had to use the help of an excavator to remove them. I then ordered a lot of gravel and sand and flattened the ground. Then it was time to stomp and wet the ground in order for the land-surveyor to mark the corners of the shed.
On friday I bought all the material for the foundation and on sunday we started building it. After many hours of work it was finally ready! The shed can now be moved!
I then rushed off to my dance class. Had time to shower, get dressed and even catch something to eat before I had a date with my darling at the cinema. He took me to see The happiest day of the life of Olli Mäki, the film I wrote about earlier. What a charming film! I warmly recommend this pearl.

The night before I was at the same cinema with my friends, we saw Me before you. I have not read the book (!). It turned out to be the romantic drama it had promised to be. A film I could perhaps rather see on a rainy sunday when you refuse to step outside and stay in your pyjamas all day, than on big screen cinema...

Previously on saturday, me and my friend and neighbor Sanne, made an outing. It was the annual open studios -event called Konstrundan.
We started off with an exhibition of puppets by puppet-artist Iida Vanttaja. One of her puppets, called the Harlequine, lives in my house. She carries secrets in her little purse, as seen below. She is a very gentle soul.


We then headed to Tarja Heikkilä's lovely Risupiha. Both Sanne and I are huge fans of her work and have attended her workshops and will attend even more. We had coffe and cake in the garden, in beautiful sunshine. What a wonderful outing it was.

Before heading to the movie I made carrotsoup with fresh coriander and ginger, lentils and coconutmilk. Meant for lunch on sunday, when we built the foundation for the shed.

During the week I even managed to squeeze in a few short visits from friends.
On tuesday I attended a meeting and one of the guest-lecturers was Virve. It is quite a few years since we last met!
On friday evening my ex-parents-in-law came to visit as they had attended an exhibition opening in town. Kiitos Tuuti ja Jorma vierailusta!

What a week! All good things though!

Have a great week friends. Love! Lots of it!