Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Apple, apples and even more apples

It's the time of year when we are blessed with a huge apple harvest.
So, last week my friend Natalia posted a short clip of her new apple peeler. I decided there and then that I will never ever again peel apples by hand! I've spent endless hours peeling apples. So I closed my eyes, made a wish, spit three times on the ground, crossed my fingers and repeated the wish backwards, then walked three steps to my left, and repeated the wish in finnish, swedish, english and in french. I just wanted to make sure, you know. Then I had to tell someone. So I told Taisto. Taisto is married to Leena. Leena is the magical power at Tuhannen Tuskan kahvila. I now know that Aino Sibelius (wife of composer Jean) had an apple peeler. Made of cast iron. This information was shared with me in the garden of Tuhannen tuskan kahvila. 

And guess what! The wish came true! I now have my own apple peeler. I and my darling L peeled lots of apples yesterday. We made apple jam. My darling L loves applejam in his porridge. We shall peel even more apples and make more jam. One wants to make darling happy happy happy in the morning, so applejam there shall be. And hoooray for the apple peeler!

There was a challenge on fb for old photographs. I found this picture of me. Spot the missing teeth...


Akissfromthepast said...

its lovely! you havent lost your charm! =)

Nina said...