Monday, 5 September 2016

On juggling matters

I am juggling a few projects, one of them beeing moving an existing shed to my garden. There is no shed at all in my garden. The estate where my house stands, has previously been split into two smaller estates and all the sheds and garage are located in my neighbor's yard. I need a shed for storing gardenfurniture, tools and my bicycles.
As I live in the centre of town I need a building permit. I applied for it in the spring and was granted the permission before midsummer. I have been busy with other matters, I have not had time to start until some weeks ago.
We first had to cut down a huge lilac. And move a large mock-orange bush, that will hopefully be happy in its new surrounding. The roots to the lilac were so large I had to use the help of an excavator to remove them. I then ordered a lot of gravel and sand and flattened the ground. Then it was time to stomp and wet the ground in order for the land-surveyor to mark the corners of the shed.
On friday I bought all the material for the foundation and on sunday we started building it. After many hours of work it was finally ready! The shed can now be moved!
I then rushed off to my dance class. Had time to shower, get dressed and even catch something to eat before I had a date with my darling at the cinema. He took me to see The happiest day of the life of Olli Mäki, the film I wrote about earlier. What a charming film! I warmly recommend this pearl.

The night before I was at the same cinema with my friends, we saw Me before you. I have not read the book (!). It turned out to be the romantic drama it had promised to be. A film I could perhaps rather see on a rainy sunday when you refuse to step outside and stay in your pyjamas all day, than on big screen cinema...

Previously on saturday, me and my friend and neighbor Sanne, made an outing. It was the annual open studios -event called Konstrundan.
We started off with an exhibition of puppets by puppet-artist Iida Vanttaja. One of her puppets, called the Harlequine, lives in my house. She carries secrets in her little purse, as seen below. She is a very gentle soul.


We then headed to Tarja Heikkilä's lovely Risupiha. Both Sanne and I are huge fans of her work and have attended her workshops and will attend even more. We had coffe and cake in the garden, in beautiful sunshine. What a wonderful outing it was.

Before heading to the movie I made carrotsoup with fresh coriander and ginger, lentils and coconutmilk. Meant for lunch on sunday, when we built the foundation for the shed.

During the week I even managed to squeeze in a few short visits from friends.
On tuesday I attended a meeting and one of the guest-lecturers was Virve. It is quite a few years since we last met!
On friday evening my ex-parents-in-law came to visit as they had attended an exhibition opening in town. Kiitos Tuuti ja Jorma vierailusta!

What a week! All good things though!

Have a great week friends. Love! Lots of it!

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