Sunday, 25 September 2016

The shed(s) and sleeping in a dream

The shed is finally ready!
We finished laying the bitumen roof  yesterday, and now it is ready!

The paint is linseed oil paint that an acquintance, when she was moving away from town, was about to throw away! I like the grey shade, goes well with my facade.
It is built according to the existing door that I found in the garden. The bitumen roof are pieces left over from my friends roof renovation this summer. I am very pleased!

The project "moving an existing shed" has also taken a huuuuge leap, as the shed was moved on friday! Hoooooray! It now stands in my garden. Missing its tin roof! That is a project for next week. The roof is now covered with tarpaulin. After my danceclass this afternoon I painted the doors. I think it needs another layer of paint tomorrow.

Last night we (me and L) hung a beautiful canopy above my bed. When L testlay on the bed, his verdict was: it is like a dream. 
Last night I slept in a dream. I am so happy.

I met up with my friends Sanni and Bill at Tuhannen tuskan kahvila in the morning. They have bought a house in a nearby village and I wish to introduce them to my favorite places.

Wishing you a lovely sunday evening!
I shall soon retire to the dream and read.

Love. Love. Love.

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