Friday, 21 October 2016

A lovely feature

I am trying to be a bit better at letting you guys know when my house has been featured in magazines or papers.
I really am not very good at that, not because of shyness, I just have this idea that I don't want to ramble on about me, myself and I and how MY extremely exceptional house is in this and that very important paper and how extremely important me, myself and I are! And how you must all drool over what an exceptionally PERFECT life me, myself and I lead!

I personally don't like people who only talk about themselves, their jobs, their spouses, their kids, their house...their perrrrrrrfect life. So I try to avoid turning into a cynical person like that.
I surely know how to blow my own horn, when there is reason to. But having been featured in quite many magazines and papers, I sometimes think, you might not be so interested. But since I have now been specifically asked to mention when and where my house is featured, I take the risk I might loose a few readers. Sorry about that!

So here is an exceptioanlly lovely (no irony here, I am serious!) in Kodin Pellervo magazine. I adore the pictures, I drool! And wonder, is that really my house? And the article itself is written in such a nice straight forward way, I drool over that too.

Here's a couple of mobileshots of the feature.

Have a lovely weekend! I've had one of those incredible weeks, well, I'll do a post about it during the weekend.

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