Sunday, 9 October 2016

Charmed by autumn

I have always loved autumn, not only for the colourfeast we are blessed with, but the preparation it offers, for us to prepare ourselves for winter. I am not filled with as much energy and creativity in winter, as during the other seasons. I think I go into a sort of hibernation. I love to cuddle up at home and enjoy candles and music. I bake more, and read more.

I think it is good to learn to know what sort of person you are. Are you like me, that you are in hibernation or perhaps winter does not affect you in this way at all. If you are more of my sort, it is good to listen to yourself. Do not demand the same effiency of yourself. Be gentle and kind towards yourself if you feel there is a slower, more quiet version of you. This helps you be yourself and enables you to enjoy all the seasons, at the same time respecting your own terms and conditions.

Wishing you all a lovely sunday. Be gentle, be loving. Towards yourself and others. Love.

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