Monday, 3 October 2016

Dear Maya and rainbows

I have been painting the shed. Well, not all of it. I painted the doors. Black. The actual shed is traditional red ocher pigment. The list around the roof were natural wood. So after I had painted the doors, the first thing my brother said, when he saw the result was, it looks great, have you thought of painting the lists around the roof black aswell? Hmmmm, to be honest, I had not thought of painting them at all. Later the same day, when L saw the newly painted doors, he said how great they looked and asked, have you thought of painting the lists around the roof black aswell?
Well, on saturday I bought some more black paint and painted the lists. Black. It looks good.

On saturday I also baked. We had huge pieces of feta-spinach quiche, with a a light salad for late dinner.

For desert we had an apple&almond-paste tarte. With coffee. The ony thing missing was a small glass of either sauternes or calvados. We had neither.

On sunday me and my friend Nina travelled to our neighbouring town Borgå, to take part in Porvoo jazz festival.
We had tickets to Viktoria Tolstoys consert. I got chills when she perfomed my favoriteA moment of now.
I asked permission to take this photo when she signed records after the show.

In the evening I ate cake and drank tea at my friends Oona and Jarna. What a wonderful weekend once again!

Here is our dear Maya Angelou, talking about how we should be rainbows in someone else's clouds. This is so powerful, this is so beautiful.
Spread rainbows and love, dear friends.

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