Tuesday, 4 October 2016

I don't know

I felt it since I woke up. That it was inside out, upside down or perhaps just slightly askew. I just never got hold of monday. And I do not know why. I've got nothing against mondays in general. Or any other days for that matter.
I tried to make the best of it, despite the feeling it was inside out, upside down or perhaps just slightly askew.

My neighbour brought apples, so I made lots more applejam. For a certain very dear mister.
Oona and Jarna brought fungus again, so I made a delicious fungus (trattkanttarell) stew, rich with cream. With boiled potatoes and smoked salmon.

The day came to its end. It was easy to let go.

What I know is that after 26 days we change our clocks again. So many people oppose this. I am not affected, but I can very well understand how the change of time can affect your routines and your sleep and your everyday life.
In 91 days we celebrate christmas. I love christmas. I know many who hate it. Once again I can  understand why. Christmas is forced upon us earlier and earlier every year. And the meaning of christmas is long lost. And the expectations are very high and often unrealistic.
In 98 days we welcome a new year. My goodness. 2017.
In 144 days we celebrate valentines day. Also a day filled with contradiction. A day that focuses on perfect love, finding the right one, foreverlasting love, dreams, hopes and expectations.
In 246 days we celebrate the first day of Ramadan.

I personally like to celebrate and prepare for all sorts of celebrations. But I want to do this without forcing everyone else to celebrate the same as I like to. I also wish we would let go of unrealistic expectations.

Take care lovely rainbows. Respect and love.

This acrobat shows her talents...drinking directly from the tap!

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