Saturday, 22 October 2016

Oh what a week!

Woke up to a very grey day. Saturday. Realised whist enjoying breakfast that some things have gone missing. I might have to report following things missing: colours, the sky has lost it's colours! Some cheeky person took all the blues away! The sun! I mean really, who steals a sun? That is not fair! Warmth. It is freezing cold and one needs to stay indoors all day loooooong! So please return colours, the sun and warmth back immediately!
I had a crazy week as I told you. On monday, straight after work I met a reporter at home. Afterwards I had a meeting regarding a theatre workshop I am holding later in the year.
On tuesday morning a fun photographer came to take pics of my house and make a video about a few renovayiontips. It was so much fun!

In the afternoon me and L took a long walk and on our way back home, we collected a frame I had ordered.
On wednesday I saw Tyttö nimeltä Varpu at the cinema with our students. Such a touching film. The leading role is played by the daughter of my two friends. Guess how proud we all are!!!! After the film I attened water-aerobics and sauna. And then a certain darling took me out for dinner. What a  great way to start a short autumn brake!
On thursday morning a photographer again came to visit. They made a christmas-delicacies photo shoot. They left all the delicacies as a thank you for borrowing my premises. Great deal!

Then I had a lunchdate with my darling and we headed to see a swedish childrens film, called Siv sover vilse. After the film I tried to beat my mister in badminton. With emphasis on trying. A great hobby. We both enjoy it very much. We endulged in christmas treats and fell asleep confused whether we were on autumn brake or christmas holiday, hih! Still a way to go until christmas though...

Friday came I and had a late and long breakfast. Then I read. In bed. On the sofa. By the kitchen table. I am reading Vi är alla helt utom oss by Karen Joy Fowler. Here is a review in swedish. I ordered it from the library and manged to recieve it just for my autumn brake.

Now I shall read some more, it is very interesting! And maybe go report some things gone missing...

Have a great weekend folks! Love!

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