Thursday, 27 October 2016


On monday I baked a quiche with fungus (trattkanttarell), onion, garlic and parmesan cheese. We drank home brewed porter beer. My friend Bill is a beer-brew-master. What a delicious dinner.
For desert we ate handmade chocolate by Petri's, that I bought at our local deli shop, Nala deli. We used to sell Petri's handmade chocolate at the café, many years ago. We had parisienne coffee, with oatmilk, oh my, I am hooked, try, it's delicious!

Now is the time when evenings are dark. Well, the days are dark too. I have started to use my daylight-lamp, I want to believe it works. It does. My cat loves it too. As soon as I light it, she comes to enjoy daylight-therapy, hih! I light plenty of candles and try to make it cosy, listen to music and snug up on the sofa.

Take care of yourselves, especially when we go into this long dark period. And love.

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