Sunday, 30 October 2016

Sunday again!

On thursday evening it just rained and rained, and according to finnish law, if it rains nonstop a whole day one must make french toast. So we obliged and enjoyed the delight and forgot all about the rain. Hih!
Friday and we headed to Helsinki and Hartwall Arena to see Kent, their farewell tour. Here is my absolute favorite! Utan dina andetag. A song I often perform myself. Yes, I cried when they performed it. It was a good but very very loud evening!

Yesterday I held an origami kusudama flower workshop, at our local community college.
I had my daylight lamp with me, so we all took light therapy whilst folding origami. Drank coffee, and had great discussions about creativity. We all agreed that in most of DIY and crafts programmes showed on tv, you need to invest in many and often expensive tools in order to even get started on the project. My goal at Ninitchi, has been to create projects that need very little or no tools at all. And I also try to recykle as much of the material as possible.
One of the participants made this beautiful kusudama flower ball. It consists of 12 kusudama flowers. Each flower is made of old booksheets. I am so proud. And happy. We had a great few hours together.

In the evening, me and my mister kicked of Lovisa creative. What a fun and inspirational get together and party. Great talks, great performances, great band (The heartbeat band!) and great people. I spoke with so many wonderful souls, and as may others, we also thought we just pop in and stay for an hour or so, but turned out such a great night we stayed late.

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