Monday, 24 October 2016


On saturday afternoon I met up with my friend Sanni at our local cinema, but we had mistaken the time, so we drove out to see their (hers and Bill's) new house, what a beautiful old house it was. I also met a lovely dog called Kaneli, who loves attention and sat in my lap whilst I was there. I love animals so I was very very happy.
After plenty doglove and tea we drove back into town and caught the film a few hours later. We saw the hilarious Love and friendship.
After the film I popped into restaurant Sakura, they had a Japanese buffet this saturday evening, but unfortuantely the event had ended by the time the movie was finished. But, I saw there were lots of people still inside and all the lights on and fires burning outdoors, so I thought I pop by. I was greeted with a welcome and enjoy the buffet. So I did! Oh what a lovely treat it was!

Sunday evening turned out a feast aswell, after my danceclass my dear friends Oona and Jarna came to visit. We made tea and french toast, my goodness how delicious it was. We had a lot of french toast!

What a lovely weekend! New week and new adventures awaiting! Have a lovely one, be generous with love! Today is UN day and we can all give a little time to reflect upon the situation in the world. There will be a peacemarch in Helsinki this afternoon at 5p.m.  There will also be a charity-concert. In the link there is more information on how to help.
Syria, Aleppo, we see you! You are not forgotten! #syria #peaceforsyria

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