Thursday, 3 November 2016

Comprehending time

I have been renovating a house since beginning of year 2014.
This summer I completed one of the bigger tasks, the livingroom. It had been used as storage for my belongings and furniture. Storage for tools. Storage for building material. It was also a room in the making. Or work in progress.
I stumbled upon this picture from the summer, when I was in the middle of renovation. It honestly feels like a lifetime ago. And it is only four months ago! Sometimes it is really difficult comprehending time. Something that happened many many years ago, can feel as if it only happened recently and like my renovation last summer, it feels as if it is a very long time ago!

Winter has arrived. On monday I cleared the last bits and pieces in my garden and on tuesday my dearest L helped me empty the water barrel and we carried some larger stuff to storage.
We are ready! Ice bug shoes in use (No, I don't get commission for this, I just believe in sharing good advice!).
Take care! Love and love even more!

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