Sunday, 27 November 2016

If only...

... there were more hours to the day!

I have held the second part of the theatre workshop this weekend. I have had the honour and pleasure to work with brave and fun people, they just threw themselves into each improvisation with open minds and hearts. I am very happy and proud of each and every one participant.

Due to my house beeing part of the traditional christmas homes open for the public, two weekends in december, I've had requests to do a few more interviews. I have turned down both requests. I just think I haven't got anything new to say. And blimey, my house has been featured in many papers and magazines, and just recently it has been featured in two magazines. I have no desire to become known nor to figure in every possible media, please do not think I have become proud, I just feel, well, there has been quit enough writings about my lovely house and the ones interested will have read all there is to know. In fact, I think people will grow tired of seeing the same face, the same house, reading the same story. I've had a lovely warm respons from unknown readers, I've received mail in the post and messages on fb and even a text and a phonecall one early morning! I am grateful for all the kind comments, all the shown interest and praise! Thank you!
Luckily I know some of the houseowners for the new traditional christmas homes, I could warmly recommend!

Preparations for the upcoming two weekends are on the go! There's plenty to be done - luckily I love preparing for christmas! And we get to really enjoy all the preparations, all the decorations, all the flowers and the christmas tree. We have planned to decorate the tree together, like we've done before, it's our tradition. To drink mulled wine, listen to christmas songs, sing along and decorate our tree.

A week is coming to it's end. A month is coming to its' end, and soon this year is coming to its' end. I am blessed and privileged. I am grateful and hope you are too. I send you love. Take care. And thank you november.

Above is one of my spoonfairies that hang in my kitchen and puts a smile on my face every single day. I certainly am easily pleased!

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