Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Oh what fun...

... it is to bake together!
I had planned to bake my gingerbread cottage last night, just to make sure I don't leave too many preparations for friday evening or saturday morning! So I have planned to make something every day. I love to prepare christmas, so I don't feel stressed to have something that "should be done" every day on a list...
So, last night my darling spontaneously asked if there was something he could help out with (I have planned the "to do" -list with only myself in mind, of course, since he has a life of his own!). We ended up baking the entire gingerbread cottage together. And what fun we had! We listened to christmas songs and ate traditional christmas-star pastries that I nearly burned!
The outcome is a small cottage with a huuuuge chimney :D
The house is filled with a lovely scent of gingerbread and there is something magical in that scent.

 This gingerbread cottage symbolizes fun, preparing for christmas should be fun! I hope you can lower your own expectations, no point in stressing out for a few holiday days.
I know it may be easier said that done, but try to have at least a little fun when preparing! I shall!
Take care of yourselves.  Love and love even a little bit more.


Trisha said...

Beautiful gingerbread house, I agree start early less stress.

Nina said...

Thank you!
Yes, I wish people would learn this, as so many people I know are so stressed and disike christmas, because of the stress and the expectations.
Wishing you happy holidays!