Sunday, 13 November 2016


Yesterday me and L cooked together and the outcome was a super-delicious fishsoup! With traditional skärgårdslimpa -bread and home made farmers cheese (not by me, our friend Benita is the farmers cheese -queen!). It is nice to cook together.

I went through some old papers and such and stumbled upon this picture, taken tweleve years ago. The funny thing with this picture is that I can recall the exact moment this picture was taken. I can even recall what we said to each other, me and the person who took the picture. I have in fact. just before the picture was taken, laughed so much I almost fell off a chair. I am trying to hold a straight face her! I never seem to be able to laugh, so that I would not be in danger of falling of chairs! The person behind the camera is all responsible for my laughter, a very funny and dear person!

Today is father's day. My dad is soon on his way and we shall meet for lunch. Happy father's day to all! Love to you all.

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