Monday, 5 December 2016

And december continues with bliss!

I am so grateful for this weekend, to have met ONLY wonderful and kind people. We must not forget the world is also a wonderful and good place. There is so much wrong and horrible going on around the world, (something extremely horrible, somethinmg that must never happen, happened in Imatra, Finland on sunday), but let us not forget there is very much good too!!!!! And we must remind each other of this, so that we can spread love and hope and blessings. I shall resend this wonderful wonderful wonderful reminder by Maya Angelou, Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud.

We had approx. 700 visitors during the weekend! The walls echo of warm and kind words. I feel thankful for every one who visited, I have received so many gifts, I feel so honoured and privileged to have met all these beautiful souls who came to my house.
So many have asked what made me decide to open the doors to my house. The answer is, I believe in sharing. We have a saying, "Delad glädje är dubbelglädje", meaning shared joy is double joy. It is so true! I really enjoy creating a certain atmospere for the holidays, if I can in any way share this and give a little of all the good I have been blessed with, then I am happy.

 Christmasdecorations on a plate.

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