Monday, 12 December 2016

My heart is filled with...

...gratitude, with love.
Thank you to all the wonderful people that came to visit my house Lilla Ljuva during the two weekends of traditional Christmas Homes.

I have met such warm, kind, generous, funny and loving people! My heart is filled!
Thank you! Tack! Kiitos! Grazie! Spasiba!

Here is a link to dear Cheris blog, Autuas olo, she has also written such kind words about her visit! Kiitos!


Cheri said...

Kiitos, että avasit kotisi ovet vierailijoille. Varmasti jokainen Lilla Ljuvaan astuva tunsi olevansa tervetullut.

Nina said...

Kiitos! Ihana sinä <3