Monday, 29 August 2016

The weekend

Ah bless, according to our calculation we had 1254 guests during the weekend. My house Lilla Ljuva was one of the many houes open during the Loviisan wanhat talot -event.

I had the honor to welcome Cheri from Autuas olo -blog to my home, a wonderful soul entered my house and I am happy to have finally met face to face. Kiitos vierailusta ihana Cheri!
She has captured many details in my home, if you want to have a look, here is the link. There are wonderful pictures from other houses too!

Another wonderful friend who captured lovely pics from my home is Marjo. She will feature other homes in her blog Marjon matkassa, so stay tuned.  Here is the link to her feature of her visit to Lilla Ljuva, my home. 

The walls of my home echo kind and warm words, I am so thankful for all the kind comments and the lovely people who came to visit. 
On saturday my friends came just before closing, so once the last guesta had left, we had pizza and opened a bottle of red. Kiitos ihanat! Lokakuussa taas!
Kiitos! Tack! Thank you! Merci! Grazie! Gracias! Спасибо Большое!

Above is my "new" stove. It has not yet been connected, so I cannot light a fire, but hopefully it will be connected soon-ish... 
Wishing you all a wonderful week! Love and love even more!

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Plenty talk

That is what the radio reporter said, you talk plenty and it will be hard to choose what to include in the final spot. Hih!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Well, the countdown to Loviisan wanhat talot  (historic houses event) has begun!
Trying to fix the last bits and pieces in my house for the weekend and all the guests arriving. I also have a few visits from the press booked again, this is my third year and my house has been featured many times already! But of course I welcome the press, it's just positive the press want to cover such a unique and warm and fun event, and if I can attribute to promoting it, I am happy!
So if anyone of you  happen to be around, do feel welcome to house number 10!

 It will be so much fun and I am very much looking forward to the weekend!

Thursday, 18 August 2016

A combination of...

...a slightly weatherworn (aka dirty) window and a very special light just before it got very dark at sea. I took this picture through one of the windows in our cabin. We took the ferry over to Sweden.
The outcome was a spectacular landscape. Something similar to those old paintings of ships, the ones that can be found at markets and such.

Last week I had a phonecall from my local hardware store. My lists had arrived. Before I had a chance to say anything, the voice on the phone asked if I was home. I replied that I was indeed at home, so the voice on the phone told me to stay put, he would be there within ten minutes (he quickly explained that he was going for lunch and could drop off my lists at my home on his way). Have I told you I am spoiled? Well if I haven't I'll tell you now. I am. A very spoiled human here hello!
So yesterday I bought some flowers and bottle of my favorite sparkling wine and thanked the kindest staff there ever was! The flowers to the whole bunch of lovely peeps working there, they always greet me friendly ( a few weeks ago when I visited, they asked if something has happened as I seemed so different, apparently not as cheerful as usual. Well, that was the day I had just received the news that my dear friend and former colleague had passed away after a hard struggle with cancer. I told them I was just in my thoughts. I haven´t written about it here, as I do not find the right words to describe my sorrow. But this tells how wonderful they are, they dare to ask when they see all is not as it should be)  and the bottle of my favorite sparkling wine to this lovely guy, who suddenly decided to deliver my list to my door.

I feel a need to clarify that in my town I receive friendly and good service everywhere I go! I also try remember to give thanks and give feedback where I feel there is reason to. So last week and this week I have done that. Given feedback and thanks.

Last week I wrote a messages to my local shop where I purchase my groceries. I love it that their staff is always so kind and friendly, they have a great assortment of products, if something cannot be found, they always make sure I can have it within a few days. The staff always have time to exchange a few friendly words. This is the reason I prefer small shops to the big markets where you are often anonymous.
I also sent a thank you message to one of the owners of a restaurant I often visit, they have very friendly staff, good venues and great food. I thought why not let them know I am a pleased customer. Obviously they know it because I return, but sometimes it is vital to hear it or read it.

So why don't you give thanks as well? If you have received kind service and you are pleased, let them know! We all need feedback for the work we do.

A kind word means the world sometimes, so be sure to spread them and love!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

I wish...

...there was more of this in the world! Love and respect!

I was in Sweden during the weekend. Found this written on the pavement.

Schools have started and we are back at work. Feels mighty good!

Wishing you all a great week ahead! Take care and remember to love.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Ah bless!

I am truly blessed with wonderful friends!

On sunday my friends Nina and Peik called and asked if I wanted to accompany them for an outing to a nearby farm called Kycklings, in Lappträsk. Of course I wanted! It was the national open gardens -day.
What a fascinating visit. We met Gun-Britt Husberg, who is the gardener and the heart and energy behind the big project of mapping trad.plants in the region. Mostly apple trees, they have over 80 different species.  What a creative and passionate soul! And what amazing work they have manged to do. This is cultural heritage.
Here is a link to an article in swedish, you can also see pictures of many of the other plants they have planted and also found on the farm.
I was so taken by the visit I forgot to take pictures! Here are a few, the first one is of an appletree that is there for pollination,  the second of the ruins of a barn and the third of a clematis on the stonewall in bloom.

Later in the afternoon when I was back home, there was a knock on the door and my dear neighbor Sanne came to visit. She has taken care of my cat whist I've been away on holiday. She is a peach! We drank coffee and laughed so much I again almost fell of the chair! We have the same humor and we share the same interest in upcycling/ recycling things. She and her family have renovated a wonderful house.

In the evening my friends Oona and Jarna called and invited me for tea, they live downtown in a lovely old wooden house. There we sat in their kitchen, drinking tea and chatting away. When it turned night I cycled home, feeling so totally blessed with friends! How boring my life would be without these wonderful people in my life!

Thank you!

Love and love even more!

Monday, 8 August 2016

Well, I probably should tell you... I was woken up at 3a.m., the morning I was about to leave for Mallorca, by something that flew around in the bedroom.
The cat was right on, so I knew we had uninvited guests and that it was bigger than a moth! I turned the light on and a bat had found its' way in through the window. It was only slightly open, so I guess it must have hung there a while and fallen inside. Ok, so I had to try catch the cat first. Not an easy task as she thought it was the bestestsest action in a while. And with a frightened bat flying around! I finally manged to catch the cat and get her out of the bedroom. By then I just wished one could just close the door and hope the situation would take care of itself. Or leave a note to my dear neighbor Sanne, please feed the cat AND our new friend the bat, hih!
So I had to go back inside, open the window and hope it would find its' way out...well, eventually the little bat found it's way out. My heart was beating fast and the cat was really upset with me! She loudly told me off.

What a start to the day. Somewhere out there, is a bat that probably wonders what on earth happened that morning, what was that odd place it fell into, what was the light and who was this wierd creature with a loudly beating heart, running in and out of the bedroom!

I love animals dearly, but to be woken up by a bat at 3a.m., well, not my dream-awakening, hih!

Love. To bats and people. And all other creatures, big and small.

Sunday, 7 August 2016


We took a short holiday.
We are quite the busy couple right now, so we decided on taking a short brake from it all. What a great idea! I feel like a new person. Lovely new impressions, new tastes, new smells, new sounds, new light, new air.

We decided on Palma in Mallorca.
We stayed in a lovely hotel, it had the most wonderful breakfast with delicious fresh fruits, nuts, yoghurts, muesli, great coffee and sparkling wine (unfortunately I am a lousy drinker in the morning!). The hotel had a pool and sunbeds on the roof. We only enjoyed the pool in the evenings, after a day out it was lovey to relax in the pool for a while before getting ready for dinner.

Palma was a great choice. A fabulous beach nearby, but also the beautiful town Palma. Neither of us like to spend all our vacation on the beach, we are far too restless for that. So this was perfect. And we found some lovely places to eat where there were no tourists at all and we had to take chances when ordering and manged on a combination of french-spanish...great food! Our absolute favorite, for both of us, turned out to be a traditional and very simple dish, the famous spanish potato-omelette. You can have it as tapas or as a meal. And yes, I have promised a certain mister to try make this at home. I have already googled recipes...

We saw people reading newspapers. Some more carefully than others. We saw plenty of small dogs. And people walking slowly. Playgrounds. People playing with their kids. Lots of cafées and restaurants. People eating together. Balconies. Oh I could have photographed all balconies. And the plants and flowers on the balconies. Cars. Friendly drivers who ALWAYS give way. Motorcycles. And hooray, lots of bicycles! And very handsome motorcycle-policemen. My goodness, there's macho defined. The police seemed very friendly. I spoke to one guy selling stuff in a park, it was illegal and as soon as the police came, they gathered all their goods inside a sheet and run. After some time they all returned, one after one, cautious. One of the sellers was caught by the police, but managed to escape. So I asked the guy how the police treated them if they were caught and what would happen if you got caught, which in my opinion seemed likely. Apparently they only confiscate the goods, but no fines are given and no caption. He explained that they are not allowed to sell there, but they need to earn a living. I told him I was sorry, he only said it was life. I replied saying it sure was, but a damn unfair life for some.
We met very friendly people. One day we traveled on a wonderful ferrocarril to picturesque Sóller. There we took a tram down to the harbour, had lunch and traveled back to town Sóller. What a lovely day! And what a wonderful way to travel. I have always had a weakness for trains, well, this one was special.
We saw a variety of people, the way I wish our society would look like.
We saw people kissing. Their partners, lovers, grandparents, children, friends, parents, neighbours. 

The weather in Mallorca was perfect.
We walked a lot. There are small parks and benches everywhere.
We walked along a boulevard of flowerstands. Heaven!

Happy we chose Palma as our holiday destination.

Above are pictures from inside the church in Sóller.
A little stardetail and a madonna.

A wonderful holiday.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Poems and love on the parkbenches

We had a chance to take part in financing the poems for the parkbenches in my town. That meant we also got to choose a poem from a list and have our names engraved in the plaque, we chose to have our nicknames engraved, hih!

Today we drank sparkling wine and kissed on "our" bench.

This is one of my favorite poems, it is also a wonderful song from a film.

The plaques are almost like mirrors so not very easy to photograph.