Thursday, 5 January 2017

Building a cupboard and art

On tuesday me and my mister jumped on a bus and headed to our capital for the day. It was a bonus christmaspresent!
We started off by visiting the Ateneum artmuseum and my favorite artist Amedeo Modigliani -exhibition. It was absolutely wonderful!
We then headed to another favorite, a thai restaurant and enjoyed lunch. After lunch it was time to go dot-crazy at HAM and the Yayoi Kusama -exhibition. It made us happy but also exhausted, to have seen two such grand exhibitions. We were two thrilled but tired passengers on the bus home. What a great day it was!

On monday we started building a small cupboard. I bought a small vintage window some years ago and I've had an idea what I would like to build, but just never got around to do it. So I thought that perhaps and maybe during the holidays...

It all started with this, a drawing and some wonderful wallpaper by William Morris. And the window of course!

My darling L helped me build the frame. To be completely honest the whole cupboard was built by him. You see, whilst I was busy cooking fishsoup, he had sawn all the pieces. And then when the fishsoup was ready and just waiting for us on the stove, I held the pieces in place when L screwed the screwes. Whilst L cleaned and laid the table, I painted the lot.

I wanted to use the "inside" of the window as front, it has this beautiful patina, so I needed to move the hinges. I decided to buy new ones in brass.
After a few days I wallpapered the back of the cupboard and with some help from L, attached the door. And then it was ready to be hung on the wall. Look! It turned out just the way I wished it would! Tack älskade för hjälpen!

Can you see the little numberplate? 215. It is from a seat at our local cinema Kino Marilyn. The owner of the cinema gave it to me yesterday when we saw Collateral beauty. What a wonderful film. I thought it so beautiful.
The numberplate, giving it to me is such a lovely kind gesture, I love the cinema and I loved this film. Kiitos paljon! And it looks great on my cupboard! I've told you before, I say it again, I am so spoiled!

Oh, I better hurry. Meeting my darling for lunch. Because we are still on holiday. Wohoo, it is wonderful!

Later today we shall do a small julgransplundring. That is an older tradition, to make a small event of taking down christmas decorations.

Sending you holidaygreetings! Take care and love. Lots of love!


Trisha said...

What a lovely little cupboard you have made I especially like the William Morris wallpaper.

Nina said...

Thank you dear Trisha! I love all William Morris patterns, they have become fashionable again. My parents hsd both Morris wallpaper and fabric in my childhood home, so I feel as if I've always have been aurrounded by his pattern.