Sunday, 22 January 2017


On a sadder note I've had a few worries on my mind.
One is my mother, she was hospitalized for a week due to sudden illness. She has come home and all is well now.
Last week we payed a visit to the vet, me and Muru. She has had some problems with an occuring wound on her lower lip. I diagnosed it as a tooth rubbing against her lip. And it turned out correct. She also has been diagnosed with FORL. So she needed tooth surgery. On monday morning we took a taxi to the vet and after work I picked up a poor little thing.
Muru has recovered from the operation and she has gained her appetite and seems to be able to eat without further difficulties.

Yesterday me and my darling finished building what I showed you in my previous post. I needed something to store firewood in indoors. So after searching something to buy, that either was too heavy or too shabby chic or too expensive, I found a diy guide. There is a swedish tv host, called Ernst Kirchsteiger, who has his own summer show where he plans a renovation for an old house and builds all sorts of things. So, he had planned this "vedpiedestal" that I thought would look good in my house. So we built two, one for the living room and one for the bedroom. Now they are both painted and waiting to dry, this is the outcome so far:

I received firewood yesterday and me and L carried and piled wood, tack älskling för hjälpen. It is so much faster to pile wood when you have company. So as we were so extremely efficient we had dinner at our local nepalese restaurant.

Sunday has been ever so sunny and beautiful, I've met up with my friend Jarna for a tea and then headed to our local fleamarket and made a few nice finds.
Have a lovely sunday friends, take care and love.

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