Sunday, 1 January 2017

The holidays

I've had a wonderful holiday!

Christmas gathered loved ones to Lilla Ljuva. My parents and L's parents. My brother and his family could not attend due to sudden illness, so sad.
Our theme this year was traditional red and gingerbread. I made namesigns of gingerbread and that made our guests wonder when and where I make everything. Well, soon they figured it out, you see, I don't have a television, so I have lots of time on my hands!

We welcomed christmas with champagne and continued with sparkling wine and white wine and traditional julmust.
For starters we had consolation-bread, baked with big feelings and deep longing. With the bread we served smetana, red onion and black seaweed caviar. We also had marinated salmon and whitefisk and sill with potatoes. And ecological eggs with skagen-stir.
For main course we had sauerkraut gratin, beetroot gratin with bluecheese Aura, roasted root vegetables with tsatsiki and smoked salmon.
For desert we served ice-cream with plums in rum and coffee.

I received so many gifts I cannot believe how spoiled I am! Tusen tack! Kiitos! Thank you!

We've had guests during the holiday, and spending time with a three year old has been great fun!

Now all guests have left and we spent new years eve just the two of us.

On friday we saw the latest Star wars movie, Rogue one. We both enjoyed it tremendesly.

For new years eve I wore my favorite dress from Jumperfabriken, everytime I wear it my darling L gives me so many compliments, it sure feels nice. I wore my little red beret, on the side. Painted my nails red, wore red lipstick and voilá, I was ready to welcome the new year!

 Earlier in the evening we enjoyed fireworks by the shore, a show for the small ones. We decided not to attend the bigger event at mignight as we have a spectacular show at home. My neighbours spoil us with fantastic foreworks and it feels good to be at hand if my cat would become scared.
Before the show began we made Toast Skagen, yes, a tradition we have. We opened a bottle of champagne (leftovers from christmas!) and for desert we had ice-cream with plums in rum (they are made by dear Sanni and Bill).

So there we stood, on my terrace and enjoyed fantastic fireworks. We had sparklers and welcomed the new year with happiness!

Fireworkshow from my terrace! 

I hope you all had a great eve and wish you all a loving, gentle, kind and fun start to the new year!
My new year starts with a few new and fun challenges. One of them is I have been asked to write columns for a local newspaper, that shall be a fun project! I was really glad (and surprised!) when I was asked. The columns are due every second month, hence I was able to accept the offer.

Oh, and I was asked to participate in the local elections, I was glad (and surprised!) to have been asked, it even was the party I would vote for, but I don't think I have the time needed for it. Fortunately or unfortuantely, I don't know.

I still have holidays left, so I better get on with it. The holidaying!


Trisha said...

You certainly did have a wonderful holiday and your table settings looked gorgeous, happy holidays.

Nina said...

Thank you dear Trisha! Happy holidays!