Saturday, 7 January 2017

The last of the holidays

Well, all christmas decorations have been packed away for now, the christmastree was all green and lovely when we threw it out. The veranda looks so big now it is gone!

Yesterday I walked over to my mister for some food and wine, we then walked back together in crisp winter weather, it was minus 24 degrees when we got back. So I spent a while getting the house warmer. I find it really hard to burn "just enough", as it got too warm in the bedroom during the night. Feels silly to have to undress and sleep without a quilt, it is winter after all. Today the temperature was just below zero. So quite a rise in less than a day.

Today is saturday, so I made pancakes. In fact I got the idea from an invitation I got on fb. A local restaurant had a pancake day. I had planned to go and ask my mister to come along, but the weather was so ugly I felt like just staying at home. You know, the snow was wet and...excuses, excuses, I now! I'm not known for blaming the weather! In fact I felt like making pancakes myself. So I did. I served them with powdersugar, gingersyrup and blueberry-strawberry-cream. With a large mug of coffee! Yummy! And my mister was happy! I was too! But he was especially happy!

Pancakes and love!  That's all you need!


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