Monday, 6 February 2017

Hervvošan du!

That means you are lovely in sami language. Today is the Sami National day! Hervvošan du!

I am so excited, we have been printing wallpaper at school, my students make fabulous designs and today the first two students started their test-printing, work in progress still, but it looks fab! I simply love this "workshop". The room is filled with creative ideas and true craftmanship. Next week we shall continue. I am so proud of my students!

On saturday me and my darling went to the movies. We saw La La Land. We both enjoyed it tremendosuly and disagree with the ending of the film. No, we do not argue, nor do we try to convince the other that they are wrong. But we have a different opinion on how it ended. Fascinating! I find it very interesting.
After the film we met up with our friends Bill and Sanni for some nepalese dinner. Great night, great night!

A new week ahead, remember that you are wonderful and precious! Love and love some more!

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