Monday, 13 February 2017


I had a very relaxing weekend, the most active day was saturday. We took a walk on the ice and I even got to ride an attached sled, it goes round in a circle, fast!
We then saw an exhibition of Aarne Kyröläinen and walked home to enjoy fishsoup.
We both felt like having a nap and almost overslept and had to hurry to catch a movie in the evening! Hih!
We saw Aki Kaurismäki's Toivon tuolla puolen. 
It's an important theme. For some reason it didn't move me. Instead I was fairly annoyed by some of the performances. At times I enjoyed it, visually his movies are always interesting. And the music is always fantastic.
After the film we enjoyed a few beers at our local restaurant end enjoyed some live music. Fell asleep content.

Sunday passed in a slow pace. A day to charge batteries.

The days have become longer. The light is different. I do believe we are heading towards spring.
My lantern turned into a mirror, it is my hand waving to you!

Love. Spread love and welcome love.

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