Saturday, 25 February 2017


There has been oh so lovely moonlights lately and Venus has been easy to spot, it is very bright and next to it, there should be Mars, but I haven't seen her nor Jupiter, though it is supposed to be easy to find both among the stars in the sky now in february.

Tonight I saw Moonlight at the cinema. Oh my. What a film. I lack words. But I do recommend it to everybody.

Saturday evening, time for tea, cuddles wth my darling Muru and my favorite iranian radiostation, radio 0098. They play popmusic, it's easy to listen to. There are several iranian bands and singers I like to listen to, but I love this song, I have a weakness for the farsi -language. Oh, this weakness has been going on for years. I think I was about 14 yrs old when I first heard farsi and started to study more about the persian culture, music, films and theatre. I have been blessed with a few dear iranian friends whom have spoiled me with persian food and delights. Unfortunately I have never been to Iran. I certainly wish to. Perhaps one day.

Above is my kitchen cupboard. I have hung two posters on the doors made by a local graphic-designer, Minerva Martinoff. Beautiful isn't it?

Wishing you a lovely weekend. Please, if you have a chance, check out Moonlight. If you cannot for any reason, then just remember that you can really never know what battle each person is fighting. Love. Love and more love. And a load of respect.

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