Friday, 3 February 2017


I want to share with you my first column in the local paper, I am grateful for this opportunity. Tack Helén!
Here it is, enjoy! I've had such a warm respons to it, my friend and swedish language teacher, whom I (lovinly) dreaded the most, wrote to me this morning, that my column made her day. Apparently she hates waking up at seven, but waking up to reading my column made everything wonderful. She thought it an important text and mentioned my wording with an exlamation mark. Later she commented that she was impressed and it had brought memories and was linguistically ingenious!!!!

Of course I am happy for the kind respons. Let's see what kind of reactions my next column will bring... 

Here is a picture of a wooden frog in my kitchen. A gift from my mother. 

Some more great news, Alison Kraus is about to release a new soloalbum. I saw her in consert some years ago, oh my, that voice, that intensity. I cried. Here is a lovely cover of Willie Nelsons Angel flying too close to the ground. The lyrics, well, they echo in me. Every year, for the past 23 years, at around this date, I whisper the words of my longing into the universe. 

Dear friends, wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Stay warm, sleep late, eat well, love and laugh. Cry if you feel to. I did this morning, when I listened to Angel flying too close to the ground. Then I cried again when I looked at the picture of the wooden frog. I missed my mum.

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