Monday, 27 March 2017

Spring beauty

Weather has offered us a variety of spring weather, from snow to beautiful warm days to storm!

During the week we saw Beauty and the beast, a true Disney-production. It was interesting to see, but it is too flawless, too perfect, too produced, too much of everything, so I must admit beeing slightly bored at times and I was never touched... Well, I am not the targetgroup for this sort of film.

On friday and saturday I attended a pisanka workshop, the outcome is this:

When I took this picture I had not yet removed the wax from the surface, hence the colours are not bright.
After the workshop I attended a Newroz-party with our new friends. Plenty of dance and food and friendly faces.
As it was Vårfrudagen, (Lady day),we made waffles later in the evening.

On sunday my parents came to visit and when the sun appeared we went out for a walk in beautiful spring sunshine! We met plenty of lovely dogs and friendly people. On our way back we popped into a warehouse clearance (yes, the same we attended last weekend!) and we found a few nice treasures. When we came home we made dinner. While L peeled and cut potatoes, I prepared tsatsiki. We had potato wedges with tsatsiki and a feta sallad. Delicious!

What a great weekend again! I am very spoiled, I am very grateful and very happy!

Take care! Lots of love and remember to be kind towards yourself and others. Love and even more love!

Monday, 20 March 2017

After a busy week, a relaxing weekend filled with good good good

On friday we attended a small birthday party, L's childhood friend K had invited us over for coffee and sandwichcake. I baked a blueberrycake to take along. We sat for many hours, K showing us pictures from the gigs he has been to and some fun adventures the boys did as kids. He cried when we sang for him, he cried when we hugged him goodbye! We cried when we thought of their lifelong friendship!

On saturday we saw Hidden figures at the cinema. I cried so many times. But I also laughed at the witty and clever conversation. What an important film. So prod our local cimena for this.
After we dined at out. A lovely evening!

On sunday we went treasurehunting at a warehouse clearance. I found a vintage suitcase and a fine box for my screw collection (!). L also found some great treasures!
Later in the afternoon I met my friend Sanni for a coffee in town. On my way home I could not resist these lovely bulbs, we so need spring! Anything that is a promise of spring is a gift. The winter has been so long. Still, we usually have april-weather here, so not surprised if we still get a little snow before spring takes over!

Have a lovely week dear friends! Take care! Love and love! And spread goodness and love!

Monday, 13 March 2017

Ha den äran idag!

My dear brother turned 50 years old! I threw a little party for him at my home, it was his wish. On friday I baked, I made a blueberry cake and plenty of bebe-pastries and other small cakes.
His fiancée made a traditional sandwichcake and a spinach-mozzarella quiche. We served sparkling wine and coffee.
It was such a warm and nice little birthdayparty! I am happy my brother was happy!

Grattis kära Kim!

I decorated the table with a springtheme. All the cups and saucers are different, as I didn't have enough of the same series. The birthdayboy had the crazy pink cup that I have bought at an antiqueshop in Stockholm many years ago, it says "Jag gratulerar" (transl. I congratulate) on the side. I had made small origamibutterflies of pastelcoloured paper, pink roses, a pink candle and pink serviettes.

Sunday I spent at two different meetings. I am a member of two nice organisations and proud to have been given trust.

Here is my second column in the local paper, if you want to have a read, enjoy!

Have a lovely week, enjoy the light, enjoy the air, enjoy the longer days. In the evenings, look up at the sky and wave to Venus. Our dear planet can still be seen big and clear, not very high up on the sky, so if you don't spot her right away, she might be hiding behind a house.
Love. Spread love.And remember to love yourself.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Once again a great weekend!

On saturday we saw Tom of Finland, a finnish film about artist Touko Laaksonen. The film was uneven. The leading part was in my opinion just bland. In a way I think it is a pity as there has been a fair deal contradiction about this film. But, I haven't liked director Dome Karukoski's previous films, I'm not actually surprised I didn't appreciate this one either.

Yesterday I spent the morning just relaxing and reading, then headed to our capital to have dinner with L's dear ones. We decided to introduce a finnish restaurant called Kolme Kruunua. The interior is authentic from late 1940's, early 1950's. All the fabulous lights are by Paavo Tynell and we guessed they would appreciate the venue. We had delicious food and were mighty pleased.

Wishing you a lovely week. Mine is very busy, but all good things. Lots of love dear ones!

Thursday, 2 March 2017


On tuesday we went bowling! It was fun.