Thursday, 13 April 2017

April you fool!

We have had true april weather, you know, wonderful sunshine and next thing you notice it is snowing! April you fool!

Last night me and my darling attended Lisa Ekdahl's consert at the Savoy theatre. What a wonderful night! I have been a fan since her first record in 1994, I have enjoyed her music for decades! This is her first hit, Vem vet. The set design was really warm and the evening will be amongst those warm ones that one remembers for a long time...

We first had some sushi when we arrived with bus to the capital, then we shopped for some fruit and veg and headed over to the railwaystation, where there is a demonstation going on against our hard immigrationpolitics. Far too many people are denied asulym and sent back to face war and an uncertain future. I try to visit the camp every time I am in Helsinki, for me, it is an icebreaker to bring something. They are in constant need of food and other necessities. But this is defenately not something you have to do, you are more than welcome to visit without bringing anything, the most important thing is to show up, say hello and be a human to another. The welcome is always warm, and it is so nice to stop for a tea, and talk for a while. We walked past the camp on our way home too, to wish them good night and that they are in our thoughts and prayers. I do believe everyone should have a right to live in peace!

Here is my third column, if you wish to have a read.

Take care dear friends. Let us not forget that the world is filled with goodness, let's spread good and love!

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