Thursday, 7 September 2017

Puppet Theatre and sunrays

Last week me and my friends Ilona and Kaisa, attended a wonderful and touching theatre play, with puppets and actors.
The play was called Kohtauspaikkoja kadonneille. My friend Iida Vanttaja has co-written and directed the play, and of course, made the puppets.

On tuesday a sunray found it's way to the bedroom. The sunray came through the kitchen window, via a mirror in the bedroom and onto a wall and tickled my grandmother, in her weddingphoto.

My dear grandmother Vieno. I loved her so much, still do.
Today I shall do something I haven't done in years. The ones who now me, know that I always cut my own hair. But now I have decided to give it a try, to go the hairdresser, hih!

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